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  • inglés antiguo   
    (Proper noun  m)
    ancestor language of modern English
    Forma antigua de la lengua inglesa que fue hablada en partes de lo que actualmente es Inglaterra y Escocia meridional entre 450 y 1100.
    An early form of the English language that was spoken in parts of what is now England and southern Scotland between 450 and 1100.
    ancestor language of modern English
  • anglosajón   
    (  m) [hyphenation: an·glo·sa·jón;]
    Forma antigua de la lengua inglesa que fue hablada en partes de lo que actualmente es Inglaterra y Escocia meridional entre 450 y 1100.
    An early form of the English language that was spoken in parts of what is now England and southern Scotland between 450 and 1100.
  • lengua   

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The ancestor language of Modern English, also called Anglo-Saxon, spoken in Britain from about 400 AD to 1100 AD. The language is a more inflected language, maintaining strong and weak verbs, nouns, and adjectives. It has a clearly marked subjunctive mood, and has 5 cases of nouns and adjectives. In addition to singular and plural grammatical numbers, there was a dual number for two people. After ca. 884, many Old Norse words made their way into Old English, as Norse settlers in the Danelaw interacted with native Anglo-Saxons.
(dated) Middle English.

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en year- old English ivy!
es Es una hiedra inglesa de ‧ años
en Hotel in Malmesbury: Built in 1220 and reputed to be the oldest purpose built hotel in England- The Old Bell still offers quintessential English warmth- comfort and unrivalled hospitality nearly eight hundred years later. Standing alongside Malmesbury*s medieval Abbey- in England's first capital- the hotel provides outstanding levels of service and retains the ambience of a bygone age.
es Hoteles en Malmesbury: Este hotel de 4 estrellas dispone de 30 habitaciones adecuadas de manera confortable.
en A survey of English literature from the Old English Period to the 18th century designed to foster students’ ability to read literary texts critically and to provide them with the knowledge and skills for more focused study at advanced levels.
es Participants in this intensive language and culture immersion program will increase oral proficiency and deepen cross-cultural competencies through Spanish language immersion and intercultural exchange taught by WCSU faculty in Spanish.
en The Department understood that Mr. Flores had specifically prohibited his attorney from having his family members, many of whom lived in the United States, testify on his behalf; that counsel for Mr. Flores not only cross-examined the State's psychiatric witness but also presented his own expert to testify; and that Mr. Flores spoke English and had lived in the United States since he was three or four years old
es El Departamento tenía entendido que el Sr. Flores prohibió expresamente a su abogado que convocara a sus familiares, muchos de los cuales residían en los Estados Unidos, para que testificaran a favor suyo; que el abogado del Sr. Flores no sólo interrogó al psiquiatra testigo por cuenta del Estado, sino que además presentó a un experto propio, y que el Sr. Flores hablaba inglés y había vivido en los Estados Unidos desde que tenía ‧ ó ‧ años
en From a surname which was originally derived from a place name which meant "east town" in Old English.
es Feminine form of Aemilius (see EMIL ).
en In accordance with the English National Curriculum, children are expected to be within Level ‧ for SATS results at the end of Year ‧ ( ‧ year olds
es De conformidad con el programa de estudios de Inglaterra, se espera que los niños alcancen el nivel ‧ de las pruebas de evaluación normalizadas al final del noveno año ( ‧ años
en After bullbaiting was banned, the breed began to die out (known as the Old English Bulldog) until fans turned to conformation dog shows. The first show to have a class for bulldogs was in Birmingham.
es Deben estar colocados lo más distante posible entre sí, no obstante los Ángulos externos deben estar dentro de la línea de las mejillas.
en Blandings is "a guide and companion to the books, stories, plays and musicals of P. G. Wodehouse, probably the finest craftsman of the English language in the 20th Century. " It has lists of his works (and advice on collecting them), a miscellany (old English counties, money and words, JPs, younger sons, sport, public schools and much more), a gazetteer (with notes on real places and maps), and other amenities, but what really put a jaunty spring in my step was the detailed notes for the works.
es Learn Spanish with podcasts from SpanishSense .
en elf friend; noble friend ... language of origin is Old English and it is used ... variant spelling of Alvin ...
es good judgment ... of Arabic origin and it is used ... uncommon as a baby name for boys ...
en In fact, the free-market “Anglo-Saxon” attitude sounds like nothing so much as the old prejudices about the French that have been around since the novelist Thackeray told English readers: “The Frenchman has after his soup a dish of vegetables, where you have one of meat.
es De hecho, la actitud "anglosajona" de libre mercado suena precisamente a los viejos prejuicios sobre los franceses que han estado con nosotros desde que el novelista Thackeray dijera a los lectores británicos: "Tras la sopa, el francés come un plato de verduras, donde vosotros coméis uno de carne.
en Habeas corpus, Latin for “you have the body,” is an old English common law principle incorporated into the US Constitution to ensure freedom from unlawful detention by the state.
es El habeas corpus, término que en latín corresponde a "que tengas tu cuerpo", es un antiguo principio del derecho común inglés incorporado a la Constitución de Estados Unidos para asegurar la libertad frente a una detención ilegal por parte del Estado.
en whereas in ‧ the average Western European will be ‧ years old whilst the average Indian will only be ‧; whereas, as a result of current demographic trends, the EU's potential growth is set to decline by ‧; whereas, by contrast, India's key comparative advantage is a large pool of young, trained, English-speaking, inexpensive workers
es Considerando que en ‧ la media de edad de los europeos occidentales será de ‧ años, mientras que la de los indios sólo será de ‧; que, como consecuencia de las tendencias demográficas actuales, el crecimiento potencial de la UE entrará en declive hacia ‧; que, en cambio, la ventaja comparativa principal de la India es una gran masa de trabajadores jóvenes, formados, anglófonos y baratos
en I am 32 years old and I am living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I speak both fluent English and Greek, and I am currently taking a course in Brazilian Portuguese and would love to make some Brazilian friends so that I may practice the language and learn it better.
es Hola soy estudiante de España y estoy aprendiendo inglés.
en It appears it was merely a glitch in our system, an overlay of old code from our language training program used to learn the English language
es Parece que fue solamente una falla imprevista en nuestro sistema, una superposición de código antiguo de nuestro programa de idiomas usado para aprender inglés
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