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  • inglés antiguo   
    (Proper noun  m)
    ancestor language of modern English
    Forma antigua de la lengua inglesa que fue hablada en partes de lo que actualmente es Inglaterra y Escocia meridional entre 450 y 1100.
    An early form of the English language that was spoken in parts of what is now England and southern Scotland between 450 and 1100.
  • anglosajón   
    [hyphenation: an·glo·sa·jón;]
    Forma antigua de la lengua inglesa que fue hablada en partes de lo que actualmente es Inglaterra y Escocia meridional entre 450 y 1100.
    An early form of the English language that was spoken in parts of what is now England and southern Scotland between 450 and 1100.

Otros significados:

(dated) Middle English.
The ancestor language of Modern English, also called Anglo-Saxon, spoken in Britain from about 400 AD to 1100 AD. The language is a more inflected language, maintaining strong and weak verbs, nouns, and adjectives. It has a clearly marked subjunctive mood, and has 5 cases of nouns and adjectives. In addition to singular and plural grammatical numbers, there was a dual number for two people. After ca. 884, many Old Norse words made their way into Old English, as Norse settlers in the Danelaw interacted with native Anglo-Saxons.

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Situated just 500 metres from the old town of Chania, close to Nea Chora beach, Akali Hotel offers comfortable accommodation with complimentary full English breakfast and free wireless internet access.Ubicado tan solo a 500 m del casco antiguo de Chania, cerca de la playa de Nea Chora, este hotel cuenta con unas acogedoras habitaciones y sirve un delicioso desayuno inglés.
The Oceânico-Old-Course was design by English golf architect, Frank Pennik.El Oceânico-Old-Course fue diseñado por el arquitecto inglés Frank Pennink.
The predominance of English is even more pronounced in communications among the EU’s citizens, where it is the first foreign language in all countries of the “old” Europe.En las comunicaciones entre los ciudadanos de la Unión Europea, el predominio del inglés es aún más marcado pues es el primer idioma extranjero en todos los países de la "vieja" Europa.
My 18 yr old daughter wants to spend 2 months this summer working in Japan as an English instructor.I'd like to attend an immersive language school -- but would like to learn to speak a relatively region- and dialect-free form. I recently heard a Bolivian Spanish speaker on the radio-- and his Spanish was beautiful.
same Old English system. Old English had a definite article se, in the masculine gender, seo (feminine), and þæt (neuter).to the Spanish government's ... right now, spanish is the second most powerful language in the world, behind english, and in ways, the most powerful, geographically speaking.
The hotel staff were really accommodating, spoke perfect English, and gave us a few good places to eat and visit (the flower markets in the old town). The rooms were a good size and the bathrooms were very nice.Checking out was easy and fast.
Hotel in Malmesbury: Built in 1220 and reputed to be the oldest purpose built hotel in England- The Old Bell still offers quintessential English warmth- comfort and unrivalled hospitality nearly eight hundred years later. Standing alongside Malmesbury*s medieval Abbey- in England's first capital- the hotel provides outstanding levels of service and retains the ambience of a bygone age.Hoteles en Malmesbury: Este hotel de 4 estrellas dispone de 30 habitaciones adecuadas de manera confortable.
Staying in this splendid town house will evoke a sense of old world romantic charm and elegance, for which the city of London is so famous, with the feeling of an English Country home.Esta espléndida casa evoca el ambiente y el encanto de tiempos pasados y la elegancia por la que Londres es famosa con un aire de casa campestre inglesa.
Among numerous concerts and cultural activities of all kinds, both locals and visitors can enjoy the Medieval Market, when the Old City returns to the glory of yesteryear, the Sea Battle, commemorating the English attack in 1589, and the Battle of Flowers, a procession of floats that puts an end to the festival with a great firework display in Orzán Bay.Entre multitud de conciertos y actividades culturales de diversa índole, los coruñeses y los numerosos visitantes pueden disfrutar del Mercado Medieval, en el que por unos días la Ciudad Vieja retorna a su esplendor de antaño, la Batalla Naval, la Rememoración del asalto inglés de 1589 y de la Batalla de las Flores, un desfile de carrozas que pone fin a las fiestas con un gran espectáculo de fuegos artificiales sobre la ensenada de Orzán, el salón del comic y los espectáculares conciertos gratuitos de la Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia en la Plaza de María Pita..
I am 32 years old and I am living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I speak both fluent English and Greek, and I am currently taking a course in Brazilian Portuguese and would love to make some Brazilian friends so that I may practice the language and learn it better.Hola soy estudiante de España y estoy aprendiendo inglés.
As English Tourists we can only assume that this is either an old Dutch custom or just a method of inducing lightweight smokers towards mental breakdown – presumably so that the coffeeshop workers can laugh at them (? ) Being seasoned smokers, after handing over 20 euros all we want is the product!¿Cómo se pueden poner en contacto con la SECA los aragoneses que quieran solidarizarse o unirse al proyecto?
Throughout centuries XV up to XVIII old English Bulldogs function had passed for an evolution having adapted itself that exerted: combat against bulls and others animals.A lo largo del siglo XV hasta XVII los antiguos Bulldogs ingleses pasaron por una evolución adaptando-se a la funcione que ejercían: combate contra toros y otras fieras.
The Montagu Arms provides the ideal getaway for midweek and weekend breaks, perfect if you want to explore the New Forest, or if you are looking a relaxing break you can also make use of our luxury spa facilities, SenSpa, located at our sister hotel just six miles across the Forest. With a history dating back to 1742, the traditional English character of this country house hotel is reflected through the old brick fireplace and its roaring open fires, the large cosy sofas, beautiful oak panelling and picturesque gardens, all of which combine to create a truly homely atmosphere.Hoteles en Beaulieu: Este hotel es un establecimiento para exigencias elevadas (4 estrellas).
On ‧ une ‧ ch Horn, a ‧ year-old farmer and English teacher, was killed near his home in Baseth commune and district, Kompong Speu ProvinceEl ‧ de junio de ‧ un agricultor y maestro de inglés de ‧ años, Uch Horn, fue asesinado cerca de su domicilio en el municipio y distrito de Baseth, en la provincia de Kompong Speu
This hotel combines both Swedish and English history in a heritage listed building dating from 1470 and is one of the most atmospheric choices in Stockholm's Old Town.Este hotel protegido presenta una bonita decoración y cuenta con una fantástica colección de antigüedades de estilo folclórico escandinavo. Toma su nombre de la amante de Lord Nelson, Lady Hamilton.
If they are going to get good marks, fifteen-year olds in every Member State will have to have knowledge of English, French, German, Spanish or Italian.Para poder sacar una buena nota, los quinceañeros de todos los Estados miembros tendrán que hablar inglés, francés, alemán, español o italiano.
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elf friend; noble friend ... language of origin is Old English and it is used ... variant spelling of Alvin ...good judgment ... of Arabic origin and it is used ... uncommon as a baby name for boys ...
The word sword comes from the Old English sweord, which cognates to Old High German swert, Middle Dutch swaert, Old Norse sverð (cp.Etimológicamente el nombre espada permanece hoy día en el Francés como épée y en el Italiano como spada.
Do you speak English?- Old English, middle, a dialect, pure¿ Hablas inglés?- nglés antiguo...... medio, un dialecto, puro
That' s pretty logical.Stephens is a fine old English nameEso es lógico Stephens es un antiguo nombre inglés
From an occupational surname which meant "candle seller" in Middle English, ultimately from Old French.Spanish form of JACOB (or JAMES ).
Very old building, fire alarms went off several times (probably due to old wiring), some hotel staff hardly spoke English (for example one of consierges), very crowded breakfast hall, Internet didn't work. Very small, but renovated rooms.El ascensor solo llega a la planta primera, donde està la recepción, pero tampoco es una gran molestia.
ln Old English, I' d dare sayTal vez en inglés arcaico
All kinds of fiction and nonfiction, books in languages other than English even old magazines such as Time are available. Do you think Google is creating an informa...... Spanish Fine Jewelry Nearly seventy years ago, the Candela jewelry house was founded by the three Candela brothers in Valencia, Spain , and it quickly became one of the world's largest manuf...
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